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Andrea's Bio:
Andrea fell in love with photography at age 12 when she got her first camera and discovered the magic of capturing a moment in time and taking pictures that created an emotional impact. Her early influences were Gordon Parks, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams.
Her work was first published in the Bay Journal, the Health Education Resource Organization newsletter and Sports Focus Magazine in 1992. Other publications include the National Orchestral Institute, University of Maryland, and the Environmental Realist Newsletter. Most recently she has had photos in Celebrity Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, Daeida Magazine and for several years she was the photographer for Los Angeles Women In Music’s events.
Her photos have been displayed at Café Diana, Lambda Rising Bookstore and the 31st Street Bookstore.
Some of her recent clients are: Curtis Nutrition, Virlouise Recording Studio, the South Bay Padres (baseball) John Reed Massage Therapy and numerous recording artists including Harriet Schock, John Duyn, Carole Ann Witschi, Michele Vreeland and the Wumbloozo Blues Band.
Andrea is available to photograph live concerts, CD covers, pets and events (including sports). Check out her galleries and experience how she captures the beauty of life in many different ways.